Let's be clear about clarity.

Storytelling isn't for everyone and certainly not for the meek. Marketing is all about telling your story in the clearest, most relevant manner to attract attention and entice action. Clarity's job is to keep your content concise and compelling to get the desired results. So to that end, a few clips on clarity:

  • Plan for the brand. Since the mission of every message is to reinforce a brand's positioning, it only makes sense that content should be faithfully crafted rather than forcibly contrived. Clear brand positioning helps your existing and prospective customers develop a long term relationship with your organization, products and services. They want to love you, so it's smart to clearly and creatively differentiate your brand. 
  • Don't be shy. When it comes to "the ask," customers want (need ) instruction, and you need to do the telling. (Nicely, of course.) If you want more followers, be more social. More foot traffic, be more inviting. More event-goers, be more exciting. More sales calls, be more available. More reputable service, be more customer-focused. That's just how it works.
  • Let the creatives do their job. Hiring a professional is smart on several levels:  market evaluations, creative strategies, media and public connections, overall brand development. Share everything you can about your organization, products, target markets, and competitors; then let your gurus do their thing. Be fair with the budget. If you think hiring a pro is expensive, think how expensive it'll be to let an amateur do it. 
  • Simplify without sacrifice. Clarity succeeds by editing. It's a process, so give it fair time and value. Nearly every concept starts broad and drills down for clarity. It's finding the balance: simplicity without sacrifice to achieve the desired results. 

There you have it. The skinny on clarity.